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Category: 76
Level: 22
NPC: Kalish the Ice Frog
Area: Dragonfang Ridge
Zone: Dragonfang Ridge


XP: 2,256
TP: 225
Gold: 2165
Items Rewarded: Gold Reward Ball


Runes of Magic Kiss a Girl

Help Kalish the Ice Frog from Dragonfang Lake by finding a girl that would kiss him.

Hey! Don't attack me! I'm not what I look like!

This quest takes place in Dragonfang Ridge 


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Finding a girl to kiss by Olharapo <Guest> on 08/06/2009 21:24:40Rating: +1 [-][+]
You need help from a female character to do this.

So type: /zone Any girls out there wanna party up and kiss a frog?

Make party and finish the quest.

Easy ;)

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